In the latest instalment of the thelongtail feed, Chris Anderson talks very briefly about brands, and says brand power will shift downstream from the producers to the consumers, and goes on to say…

…So, in a Long Tail market, the brands that matter most are the tastemakers. These are the filters you trust, who point you to the niche (or mainstream) stuff you wouldn’t have found on your own. And because you trust them, you’re willing to follow their recommendations, voyaging down the tail with confidence. In the Long Tail, great filters become brands.

That’s an interesting thought. More true in some areas than in others. More purchases these days are driven by the tastemakers, the filters. But I think great filters become brands in “hard to understand/evaluate purchases”. They have little to do with the long tail, even if some of the areas belong to the long tail.

Ok, another 31% of the Zone alarm update to be downloaded stil.. 30%. 29%..26%


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  1. Nice feed. Thanks for the pointer.

  2. Zone alarm

    I liked Sygate Personal Firewall better than ZoneAlarm. It’s less resource-intensive.

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