Recommendation wanted…

Can you recommend 5-10 good English songs released in the past 6 months? Preferably, no heavy metal/punk/rap.



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  1. Ricercar

    Why the time limit (6 mths) Im putting down some newish songs I liked but Im not very sure they were released in exactly the last 6 mths

    Damien Rice, Closer (OST – Closer)
    Michael Buble – I wanna go Home

    Will add on as I think of some more 🙂

    • Re: Ricercar

      Hey, thanks! Shall try to download the two. 6 months is not hard and fast, just realized I haven’t heard anything new in quite a while. So please do add on 🙂

  2. Email me your current address and await a surprise package! 🙂

    • Surprise package? Wow 🙂

      I am off too blr on Wednesday. Will be there for 10 days or so. So mail it there only. I guess you already have the address, but shall mail the home address in any case.

  3. Albums released/leaked in the past six months that I liked:
    The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema
    Four Tet – Everything Ecstatic
    Spoon – Gimme Fiction
    Stephen Malkmus – Face the Truth
    Belle and Sebastian – Push Barman to Open Old Wounds

    Albums released in 2004 but are well worth a listen anyway:
    DFA Compilation #2 (Disc 3)

    I have a bunch of those albums sitting on my school’s servers. The rest I can throw online if you’d like.

    • Hey, thanks! Do you have some kind of guest user id I can use to download from you school servers. I had used WinScp to do a SCP/SFTP download from a friend’s server in another univ. Can I do the same here? That would be swell! 🙂

      Otherwise, it’s ok. I guess I should be able to find them on kazaa.

      Btw, I haven’t heard of any of these guys. What kind of music/genre are these songs?

  4. Realized that I CANNOT comment on this because all I’ve heard in the last 6 months is JPop. Of which, neither artists (“glay”, “Morning Musume”) nor lyrics are comprehensible.

  5. Sorry…

    I have no list to add. You’ll not be the only one cecking out the comments to this one. 🙂

  6. not recent but…

    Chris Rea – Josephine

    Wonderful weekend song.
    So is the rest of “The very best of Chris Rea”.

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