A request…

Can someone point me to a reference on the suitability of a “single centralized database” Vs “distributed databases” in a “multi-plant” (i.e. manufacturing plants in multiple locations, all in India) production environment. This is for a sort of ERP application (with the usual modules – Material Management, HR, Finance, blah, blah…). There is no Supply Chain integration though.

I am rather confused about the way to go. While the centralized database has many advantages, I have a feeling the network performance issues could really hurt. The number of transactions/sec is not too high, but it will be over a 64-128 kpbs line, in the centralized environment. Right now, I am not convinced either way.

If someone has an idea about this stuff, your help would be much appreciated.


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  1. Firstly, I am not a guy with any computers background or knowledge in them. But, I am working for a manufacturing company and so, your question interests me. Your single centralized database is quite appealing, but can you tell me that all the units are located in one state or adjacent states…or are they spread across the length and breadth of the country…??? have the same products…??? or atleast same product line…??? And how is their accounting of materials…??? same vendors / subvendors for all…??? And, how they code them…??? their purchase policies…??? If we take a HR or a finance policy, they vary from place to place, ‘for e.g. the DA which can vary from place to place…or rather the city compensation which is given to its employees…employee incentives could differ in each unit…etc…etc…

    I mean there are so many questions and probably more answers, but which suits the environment of the company…and finally what they are looking for…??? faster productivity…or integration on the larger scale of its HR, finance depts…etc… or do they want to put their existing policies into a computer run thing…???

    And above all, your network performance feeling is something to think about seriously.

    • Units in different states. Similar, not same products. But the processes they use are exactly the same everywhere. HR or finance policy won’t change even from place to place (it’s a quasi-govt organization).

      Faster productivity is not particularly important, I would think. Better MIS and monitoring is the main need. Security is very key though.

      Thanks for the comment. I am now 75% inclined to the “centralized” approach. What do you think?

  2. ping me at 9880106650. i can help.

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