In a way, the weekend was good. I did a lot of reading, and I saw Parineeta yesterday night.

Parineeta is a smashing movie. Rivetting scenes, brilliant direction, wonderful cinematography, a great musical score, and excellent performances. Vidya Balan makes a stunning debut. A slightly stupid last 5 minutes (but then that’s the case with all movies), but otherwise, just about perfect. I have only spent one night in Kolkota, but the movie brings alive a Kolkota which I wish I had known. To cut to the chase, I loved everything about the movie. Watch it.

Finished Vol I of KM Munshi’s Krishnavatara, in line with beatzo san’s and suresh’s wishes. Wonderful again. The Radha-Krishna love story is beautifully told indeed. In a nice coincidence, I ended up going to a beautiful and rather well maintained (given how dirty Meerut is, that is quite something!) Radha-Krishna temple at Meerut, earlier tonight. Was rather rejuvenating.

Also read Bryan Appleyard’s “Understanding the Present: An alternative history of science” in multiple marathon sittings. Good book, and one that takes a rather dim perspective on what science has to offer to us. Only problem is it takes a dim perspective on just about everything. I think I am more or less done with this particular genre. The last one I read was Growth Fetish, and it suffered the same problem (if I can call it that) as this one. The issues and problems are brought out lucidly, the bleakish outlook of the authors is alternately insightful and suffocating, but unfortunately neither comes with a satisfactory solution. Maybe there is none. All I know is that if I read any more of this stuff, I will soon check into Swarg Ashram in Rishikesh.

I have been putting my Reliance RConnect card to good use. It’s been a big relief, after my internet access trials during the previous month. Small mercies in the Indian summer. Good night folks. Hope you have a good week.


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