Ah, heaven…

…After a month in Meerut and a couple of days in Chennai, this is what Bangalore feels like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nothing much to say reallly, but since I am back to being online, I had to make a post. I feel like blowing kisses to the yellow Cat 6 cable. Ah, the joys of non-intermittent connectivity. Things seem to have changed quite a bit at the office. The B-school grads have joined and my place has been taken, but thankfully, a few familiar faces still around. Funny, I have been out for only a month, but for some reason it seems longer than that.

Got back on sunday morning, chilled at home, took yesterday off, and went to National Market with my aunt and mom. Got Mind Your Language for my cousin, and bought a couple of hindustani and western classical CDs for myself, and instrumental music of Hindi film songs (mp3). The mp3s aren’t all that great actually. The recording is quite ordinary. But I guess, you get what you pay. ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of music, after a long time, I bought a few casettes at Planet M a couple of weeks ago, in Delhi. Parineeta, Paheli, Jhini, Nusrat and MS Gopalakrishnan made up the booty. Haven’t heard Nustrat so far, but the rest were bloody good. Paheli was very good, but I loved Parineeta. The lyrics for Parineeta have been written by a  Chap named Swanand Kirkire. For a change, someone other than Javed Akhtar/Gulzar. Thankfully. Very nice lyrics. Btw, what language is that children’s chorus in that song, “Kasto Mazaa”. Shantanu Moitra is the music director. His name is very familiar, though I am not sure why. Got to say it again, the music is fantastic. As for Jhini, the casette was stolen by my cousin who was in town. So, now I have to go out and buy another copy. MSG was most excellent too.

Was in Chennai end of last week. I lived for 2 years in Chennai and I didn’t go to Spencers even once. But everytime I have gone back since, I seem to always find my way to Spencers. On a whim, I bought Rabbi, the not so new album, by the new kid on the block, though I haven’t heard any of his songs. Hopefully, it will be good. The Chennai landmark has a more interesting music collection than Bangalore, methinks. Found quite a few CDs I would have loved to lay my hands on, but resisted the temptation with a stout heart.

Saw a couple of movies in Chennai, Chandramukhi and Bunty aur Babli. Difficult to say which was worse. The good thing about Chandramukhi was I saw a thalaivar movie after a long time, the bad part was thalaivar himself. ๐Ÿ™‚ The good thing about Bunty aur Babli was it was so bad that I laughed, and oh yes, as beatzo said, that Kajra Rey song is quite delicious. I almost felt like dancing in the theatre. The bad part was, well, just about everything else, and Rani Mukherjee’s voice irritates me greatly.

Half way through Naipaul’s India: A wounded civilization. He writes well, but the content is highly unimpressive rubbish. Still, I think I will read through anyway, just to hear his diagnosis on us. There’s something to learn even from people one doesn’t agree with.

Right now, I feel like writing on & on & on, but I have hazaar work, mostly administrative nonsense. And 4 days ain’t enuf for all that. Shall stop for now. My sabbaticals are awfully long, aren’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I agree with you on the music of Parineeta and Paheli.

  2. Naipaul’s writing is acerbic. One gets the feelign that he’s constantly displaced and has never found what he was looking for…a disgruntled prose.

  3. Ah, I agree about Bunti aur Babli! It was absolutely horrible, and I couldn’t get myself to adore the “absolutely adorable performances” (as the reviews put it)…

  4. Naipaul’s India: A wounded civilization. He writes well, but the content is highly unimpressive rubbish
    But, but, he’s won like Prizes, hasn’t he?!

    Being sarcastic, of course…

    The man has complexes.

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