A vehicle for equality…

George Monbiot makes a reasonable argument for co-operatives in A vehicle for Equality

Among other things, he writes “After the Argentinian economy collapsed in 2001, about 160 businesses were taken over by co-ops. Some of them have done so well that the owners, who had been unable to make them pay, are now suing the workers in the hope of taking the factories back. One of the reasons for their success, according to the Washington Post, is that they have dropped their “higher-paid managers from the payroll”. (How often do you read that in the Post?) The money that would have been snaffled by the executives has instead been reinvested.”

He probably overstates the Argentine case a bit, and co-operatives have their problems, nevertheless, the number of highly paid managers doing nothing more than pandering to an unseemly growth fetish is fairly staggering in many modern corporations.


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  1. Project Managers and Consultants in our IT industry would be a good example to begin with!

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