Asbestos sheets burn,
over a rooftop canteen:
Fasting seems cooler.

When does one use a colon, btw? I seem to have forgotten my grammar.


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  1. i always though it was in an ‘for example’ kind of way? illustration. dunno. have no sense of grammer 🙂


  2. Those damned asbestos sheets >:-(
    Mum and I came back from our vacation yesterday to find a huge hole in the asbestos sheet that covers our second floor passage. Apparently there was something of a storm while we were away and the roof gave in . . .

    We ate chocolate to feel better about the situation 😀

    • …and the roof gave in

      Uh oh…That doesn’t sound too good. Hope it’s not as dramatic as it sounds!!

      After the sands of Qatar, I am sure you aren’t looking forward to work. 🙂

      • It is all fixed now but seeing the debris all over the house did send us into a panic.

        I did have a hard time coming in to work yesterday 🙂

        and I went to muscat 🙂

      • ah…glad it’s ok now! My house has been in debris for almost a month now. Nothing’s broken, but carpenters, I have realized, are a bad enough storm 🙂

        and I went to muscat

        Oopsie…A thousand apologies…I thought you had mentioned your dad was in Qatar…We are working on a proposal for a company in Qatar right now, I think I will blame that. 🙂

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