Horror Story…

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  1. Holy crap – people had to register TVs??

  2. Why was a license required, do you know?

    • No idea, but a license was required for just about everything in those days. We have come some way since. 🙂

      • Now that might really have something to do with the influence of the Raj. Here you need to take a TV Licence renewable every year and one which costs £110 per year and one has to strictly adhere to it.They have these radars to catch people who are violating the regulations. Also, the information on the licence is so similiar to what you have here, where they tell you to contact the Post Office for almost everything.

      • Are you telling me that the consumer has to take a license for a TV set he owns, every year in the UK, even now??? Oops!

      • Not to own a TV set but if you’ve got an antenna which allows you to watch the local broadcast , i.e. BBC channels or you have a Sky box for cable TV , then yes.

      • I guess you misunderstood the larger meaning of the word licence / permit raj. That term mainly referred to the industry where in production capacities in any particular product have been given to a choose few by the Government thereby creating virtual monopolies. The radio /T V licence fee was collected in those days, when it was the only source of income for the public broadcaster like AIR/Doordarshan. Now that they have the source of ad revenue the system of collecting licence fee on Radio Sets/ TV sets have been done away.

      • Oh, I know what the license raj meant. Have seen the long queues, the long delays, and the greased palms. 🙂

        But yes, I did not quite understand whey the consumer had to register his TV set!! Your explanation makes that clearer! Thanks!

  3. This brings back memories. As a kid, i was assigned the task of paying the radio and television tax at the post office. Seems weird today, but it was the norm then. I guess they did it because radios and TVs were considered luxuries, and they (hopefully) used the revenue to improve the infrastructure (AIR and Doordarshan).

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