All it takes is a drive…

All it takes is a drive
down the ring road
when you are completely bored
and sick of staying indoors
on a night so placid and cool,
with the traffic going easy,
car-loafing like only a lonely fool
can on a night so placid and cool
to the wrong music on the stereo,
to know that the thing to do
is to simply adjust maadi
with Fiona and stay indoors
laughing at those who drive
down the ring road
completely bored.
But first you have to drive
to know what goes missing
on the tiresome road.

F**k, there’s not a soul in the office. I am getting negative vibes from the sheer silence. Somebody, please scream. Into my 4th week of morning walk/jogging!! That’s a personal record. Touchwood. I hope I have lost at least 2 Kgs. Hopefully, I will be able to stick around in blr for a while longer. The weather right now is too gorgeous to be anywhere else. I took the day off yesterday, watched Dhoni go bonkers in Vizag in between not listening to the carpenters deafen me at home. But I enjoyed watching them work. It is kind of strange that the carpenters had to be around just when I am reading Walden. Only makes me feel even worse.

Blah, blah, blah…


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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    That scream loud enough for you?? 🙂

  2. lol! im there too! but i lost 11 and then plateaued (is that spelled right)? im still doing gym for 2 hrs – 3 times a wk + rowing 2 times a wk, but the diets hard to stick to. maybe thats why i stopped losing … if i could shift another 10 id be happy (cz id have reached ‘plump’ status again 😉

    why no one at work?

    • You do rowing??? Holy cow!! Wow, I am insanely jealous!! 🙂 I find gym-ing awfully boring. Can never get myself to do that. Walking/jogging so far has worked alright. But I tend to get bored quickly with most things. So, I will reserve judgement on how long this works for me!! 🙂

      People back at work today…Thankfully…Everyone was out on projects, client calls blah blah last week.

  3. right.. i really have to be running along to my exam but .. aaaagh..! (screaming 4 u) .. hi im isha by the way..


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