Democracy recognized the truth of the individual. But the individual it recognized and sanctified was the competitive individual – but the universal in the individual as a part of its individuality it failed to see. Socialism recognized the universal in the individual but made it the whole stuff even of the individuality – the transcendent was not recognized by either. And without it freedom loses its reference to the reality of the evolutionary process and its dynamic goals of the future.
–Indra Sen

I had a good weekend. Played tennis after 2 years, kept to my morning walk/jogging routine – that’s two weeks now, which is about as long as I have managed to keep at anything anytime, saw Finding Neverland at PVR and that was a lovely, lovely movie, survived the carpenters who continue making a noisy mess at home, went out for dinner twice in the last 3 days with appa & amma, discovered AK Ramanjuam’s poetry at Landmark where I was killing time before the movie, laughed my way through the second DVD of the Mind Your Language series, and took much pleasure in reading the first couple of chapters from Thoreau’s Walden. That I had to settle for watching the match on the tele was the only disappointment, but that’s alright.


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  1. That I had to settle for watching the match on the tele was the only disappointment

    Why was that even a disappointment? Atleast you got to watch it. 😛

    • not the same as watching it in the stadium, eh? 🙂

      But given how badly we played y’day, I am glad I didn’t go there to cheer this stupid team! Pathetic batting…:-(

  2. Movies!

    Watched two movies at Cinemark theatre here during the weekend – “The Ring Two” and “Guess Who”. The former was ok da (but you must check out the soundtrack), and Guess Who wasn’t all that bad either.

    Also watched “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” on DVD – Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. A very weird movie, though it was a pleasure to see Kate Winslet again. Watched “The Manchurian Candidate” starring Denzel Washington – a thriller with a rather unbelievable story line.

    And finally saw “House of Flying Daggers” on DVD. Excellent, though still not as brilliant as “Hero” which you should watch if you liked Crouching Tiger…

    • Re: Movies!

      Oh, I want to see Eternal Sunshine!!!! Am waiting for it to release here, if it’s not been already! Hero, yes, I would like to watch that too. I think I will skip Ring Two. The first one scared the shit out of me, and me no fan of horror movies.

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