The future of advertising?

…With the emergence of devices like TiVo,and the increasing levels of intolerance for intrusive advertising, I was thinking about how advertising might evolve. Maybe, this could be one possible direction of evolution.

A dedicated “advertising channel”, longer duration ads, intent to entertain and involve, people actually “watch” advertising. Similarity to National Geographic/Discovery – special programs centered around brands – early ads, stories of brand building, interviews, anecdotes, increasing use of music and outstanding visuals, animation.

Some elements of reality TV – “live ads”, people participation. On the web – ad blogs, archiving of ads, search and check out classics, “an ad a day” subscription.

Issue: Independence of the “advertising channel”. Staying neutral, need for high quality, memorable ads.



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  1. Of course with the emergence of TiVo and the users ability to skip ads, the ball is now in the Ad Agency’s court. I believe now ads have to get better longer richer with much more variety. I think we have already started to head that way, with people really keen to watch the good innovative ads.

    Some of the most common “Forwards” are the good ads in video and print.Ads should move towards Ad-tainment.

    • Oops , forgot to address the “Issue” 🙂 .

      Yes an Ad-Channel with some real entertainment thrown in, seems like something that will happen.

    • Yeah, I was thinking about those forwards too. People find new ways to innovate, but it’s still going to be a challenge come up with innovative ads. The kind of professionals who will enter advertising will change. I think there is a case for a dedicated channel, provided they can come up with a good programming schedule.

      Stories, more stories, I guess.

  2. Already there are channels like Sky shoppe which have ads running 24/7.
    The advent of those was to promote tv shopping but definately it has given a new face to the advertising agencies.

  3. Page 3?? 😉

    I don’t know what TiVo is but I know for sure that Bombay Times has already adopted this strategy in the print space and Times’ channel Zoom is doing that in the electronic space. They sell newspaper space and airtime to wannabes. Haven’t you seen Page 3?? 🙂

    But on a more serious note, I like the idea. Also check out Some really nice shots.


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