Harsha ki Khoj…

I don’t know about Indian Idol, I suppose it must have been good :-), but I only watched it once, and that was the final. But Harsha Ki Khoj rocked. Have seen a few episodes off & on. Almost Perfect. Ended today, with Anand Narasimhan, declared the new Harsha in town.

I did something I haven’t done ever before – sent in an SMS vote. Voted for my favourite contestant, Padamjeet Sehrawat. Didn’t matter much, he didn’t win the popular vote anyway. That went to the very genial Sikh, Puneet Pal Singh. The fourth finalist was Manish Vallicha. Never liked him much, he always came across as rather stuck up and self-centred, and not surprisngly, the jury thought the same.

I liked all the other three though. Came across as very nice guys, all of them. And bloody talented. I guess what made me vote for Padamjeet, his talent apart, was his desire & genuineness. Also, an ex-Ranji cricketer. I think, of all the people in the finals, no one wanted it as bad as he did. Very affable guy, though his smile is sometimes way too broad. He ended up 2nd. I think he will be offered a job by ESPN anyway. As will some of the others.

Good luck to Anand. We should see him on SportsCenter soon enough.


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  1. I watched Indian Idol a couple of times. Not worth the time. There are better people around I guess.

  2. I suppose so. The guy who won sings pretty good though.

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