Dirty work…

…done. Finally got around to doing some of the long pending re-organization of my LJ. Have realized I don’t quite use my RSS reader, so I have decided to re-create the RSS reader as best as I can on LJ itself.

Created Custom Groups based on my interests. Subscribed to a few non LJ feeds already available on LJ, and thanks to my paid account benefits, created a few new non LJ feeds. Moved subscriptions to the appropriate custom groups. Set up the views on the home page. And so, much of the dirty work is done.

But I need to find some good feeds for the new views I have created. Am not too happy with the ones I have currently.

Technology Feeds: Currently, just a couple there, one of which is GigaOm. Om Malik is even more prolific than Rajesh Jain. If I were to put both of them on my “Technology Feeds” group, that would be the end of my Technology Feeds view!! For now, I have given the benefit of doubt to Om.

Blogger Feeds:Again, just a couple here. I am specifically looking at “topical” bloggers here, not general bloggers. Can’t think of any right now. I need to find some “topical bloggers” to populate my “Blogger Feeds” view.

Economics Feeds:Again, not much here.

I guess, I will probably add a couple of more categories in some time. Only thing is, I am going to end up losing all this once my paid account subscription expires :-(. Let me see, maybe if I find that this re-ordering works for me, I might just end up paying for 6 more months.

One important request: I suppose many of you folks already know the kind of stuff I dig, would therefore appreciate your suggestions for feeds to incorporate in my views. But please don’t recommend folks who blogs 3 times a day. Those like me, that is 🙂

update: Created a bloglines account. So my feed’s going to be available there too. Wondering if I should just move lock, stock and barrel to bloglines. Let’s see…


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  1. I tried creating a few feeds with LJ too. The problem is that LJ cuts off the feeds after a certain word limit, so its really annoying to see an entry with three lines of incomplete text and no serious description. I was expecting something like the Wired RSS feeds (with full descriptions and all), and was very disappointed with the results.

    Is bloglines only for subscribing to RSS feeds, or for publishing your weblog as well?

    • For subscribing to feeds. You can create a blog there, they call it “clip blog”. But it’s not the same as LJ.

      The incomplete text is a bit of a problem. Not such a big issue right now for me, but yeah, if I add more feeds….

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