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Never ceases to surprise me how one comes upon things on the net. You read something on one page, that leads you to x, and then you are on y, and then you go, “hey, that’s kewl”.

So, I have been very unoccupied today(ok, stop smirking), and was blog surfing very randomly(i said stop!!). And somehow I land on this site called copyscape.com. It’s a cool idea to check if you have been plagiarized in some way or the other. Feed your blog’s URL in the text box, and the results will show up pages very similar to yours. Curious, I put in this blog for copyscaping, and a bunch of results popped. No great shocks in the first few, all of them were posts I had linked to on my blog, like the Dave Pollard Article, The Carbon Trading page etc. I would have left it there, when I suddenly noticed this link. Exact same lines from my post. I mean, what are the chances that another random person on this planet wrote “The market for hybrid cars, hybrid everything is India”.

Zilch, I figure. So, all fired up, I end up on “www.waypath.com”, and what do you know, I have stumbled into what seems to be a Google for blogs. I had no idea this existed. Neat stuff. Already stumbled into a couple of interesting articles. I think I just found myself a new addiction. Sigh!

Blogs apart, of late, I have developed a taste for “Veshtis”. I find veshtis very classy and simple, and quite like wearing them. Unfortunately, I don’t wear them as often as I like, for one reason. No pockets. Now, why can’t one of these damn designers figure out a way to stitch pockets into veshtis, without making them look less classy. I guess it’s much easier making cuts.


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  1. never heard of technorati?!

    • Ah! Heard of it, but never bothered to check it out earlier. Lol, I am out of the loop.

      I wonder how they differ though. Just did a quick search on that, and it looks like Waypath does better contextual search. At least that’s what people seem to be saying. I guess, will have to experiment and find out. The reason I liked it particularly, was because of this neat “related stuff” bookmarklet that I found on the waypath site. Looks like Technorati has a version of that too.

  2. Veshtis? Oh boy, welcome to the club! Btw, I think designer veshtis are seriously long overdue – pockets, hidden belts… the complete works!

  3. What is a veshti?

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