By the sea…

She rests her head
on his shoulders,
the jasmine falling down his back,
an ephemeral vignette
of a lifetime’s love.

A girl tickles her toes
in the coarse coldness
of a receding wave,
smiling her joy
to a watchful father.

A father cradles his baby,
rubbing noses, aping babytalk,
to the girl, her father
and the old couple.

A boy sits alone,
pondering his sorrows,
haunting the sea,
for a primeval answer
to come his way.

A vendor whispers to his wife,
holding their handcart,
as a firewood flame
warms them
and his customer’s corn

I sit in the middle of a scene
from a familiar world,
I no longer remember,
collecting fresh memories
for lonelier times.


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  1. Nice!
    I really like the first two bits . . .

  2. This piece brings to mind that photograph you posted not a long time ago, the sun with the ocean. In this poem we get to see what we couldn’t in the photo, the story of the other side!

  3. pretty

    I can imagine the scene as you talk of the various characters who live in it. Very pretty.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Re: pretty

      Hey, thanks! Boy, fancy seeing you here after such a long while. (this is the same ‘A’ from two years ago, I presume?). Hope you have been doing good. I didn’t know you were on LJ too!

      • Re: pretty

        Thats me.. the very same. Has it only been two years? Its almost a different lifetime in some aspects:-)
        All is good with me. Hope the same’s the case at your end too! Keep writing, and I promise to be a good reader!

      • Re: pretty

        A little more than 2 years I guess. I was reading your journal, and I see
        that you are now happily married. That’s great!!

        I have been doing alright too. I don’t suppose I told you this then, but those comments vijucat & you left in those early days of this blog probably got this blog through its initial days, & the few mails we exchanged got me through a few difficult B-school day/nights as well. Stupid as it sounds, your post made me go back & checked some of those old posts! It sure is almost a different lifetime in some aspects.

        Do you frequent sulekha these days? …God knows how many hours I killed in the cofeehouse creative forum in those days.


      • Re: pretty

        Hello again!
        Hope your weekend went well.
        I really had no idea that I helped in anyway to keep your blog going. I am glad to hear I was a part of it somewhere.. ‘cos I like the way you write AND what you write! Where has life taken you since B School? perhaps we should talk offline.. I haven’t been back on Sulekha “actively” since almost two years now (a lot of stuff happened– school got crazy into real life activities.. started working..and am still trying to get over the shock of being a responsible earning member of the society :-))
        Do you still write@ Sulekha?
        I am email-able at anindita0812 at gmail
        Talk to you offline!

      • Re: pretty

        Shall mail.

  4. Nice

    Nice 🙂
    For you its Vizag…for me its the opposite coast…Marine Drive.

  5. hows it going dude

    Nice work bud … hope all is well on your side of the confusion.


  6. I liked the 3rd stanza. Reminded me a photograph that I have seen long time back in Reader’s Digest with a caption that runs some thing like this: Thou art the glass of thy mother’s life; in thee she sees august prime of her life. I think it is a Shakespeare quotation. The picture depicts a mother and her little daughter.

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