Virus travails…

…Spent the last 2 hours cleaning up my home PC.

These two pages were quite useful as I hunted down the damn spywares/adwares. Hopefully, there aren’t any more hidden monsters 😦

KRC Anti-spyware tutorial
Resources: Ad Blocking Resources

4611 dlls in my PC. Hmm…

update: Took up vijucat‘s suggestion & moved from Norton to Avast. Am very happy so far. Detected a few more spywares, ran a boot-time scan, detected a few more. Deleted all. Avast also detected a DCOM attack when I was online. That was scary! ***shudder***. 😦

I feel like my PC just took a dip in the Mansarovar and has been cleansed of all sins. So far so good.


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  1. oh no…Prevention is better than cure applies very much to Windows….I think a good antivirus + firewall would be the recipe. Avast has a free antivirus that was highly recommended by a colleague. But I’m using TrendMicro PC-Cillin because it comes with a firewall (and I need it on Win 2000. Win XP has a firewall bundled).
    And, of course, a switch to Firefox from IE would prevent the spywares for the most part, I guess…

    • Avast eh? Let me check that out. Thanks!

      Actually, I do have Norton anti-virus, but the virus definitions are about 5 months out of date. And I don’t know the subscription key (and you know why :-)), so am unable to buy a new subscription. And oh, I moved from IE to Firefox long ago. Have to use IE for certain specific requirements though.

      But if there’s a freeware anti-virus going around, then hell, I am getting that for sure. Avast, here I come.

      • Some good software that you might find useful:

        – Webroot’s Spy Sweeper
        – Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware
        – Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware Product

        For firewall, Zonealarm is pretty good.

        A GPL’ed anti-virus package is ClamAV, not sure if it runs natively on Windwos.


      • Thanks Dhar!

        I had downloaded the Lavasoft utility yesterday. It was pretty useful. I used SpyBot Search & Destroy, think it’s similar to SpySweeper. For now I feel safe enough, shall check out the others if I feel paranoid again!!

  2. Thanks for the links. Tlhey are very useful to me.

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