Beaten black and blue… :-(

Somebody please hit Sanjay “Maudlin” Bhansali with a heavy wooden ladle, and make him repeat the word “Subtle” hundred and one times. Or better still, make him show it in signs till his hands ache like hell.

Loved a few odd scenes though. Rani Mukherjee’s Graduation Day speech is kickass.


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  1. That bad eh?
    Inspite of his devdas totally testing my patience, I was kinda looking forward to watching this one . . .

    • I think his movies are just too pretentious for me. It’s beautiful and everything, but come on, this is the not the story that needs great cinematography, what it needs is great direction, simplicity and should speak straight to the heart. All the glorious colours, the museum like house, just about everything, distract greatly from the story itself.

      It sure did test my patience!!

      • You were right about the huge house and the silly looking statues around it. What I also didn’t like about it was repeatedly implying that animals are stupid, wild creatures, capable of acting wild (and nothing else). The little Michele was apparently ‘jaanwar ke jaisi’ . . . and to reinstate that, she was made to twirl her long open hair. I mean, it makes sense to cut the hair if the child is already frustrated and in pain.

        The performances were fantastic though. I thought Amitabh Bachan was great and Rani sure has matured as an actress. I also have to admit that a stray tear or two did come out during the movie 🙂 – I am incorrigible that way 😀 – a typical girl (like one of my friends calls me)

      • 🙂 Ok, I will confess. While I didn’t actually shed a tear, I was quite moved by a few scenes. That’s why I qualified my comment on Bhansali!!

        Yes, the acting was quite good overall. Can’t say AB was great though. He was his usual self, which meant he irritated me at times, and made me smile on the odd occasion. Loved Rani Mukherjee for the most part though. Though I don’t know why she had to walk the way she did. But I guess that’s Bhansali. Every damn thing exaggerated. It makes sense to cut lots of things, not just Michelle’s hair! 🙂

        And oh, stay incorrigible. 🙂 Enuf cynics like me out there!!

  2. I agree with the subtlety part. But be fair, he extracted excellent performances from Rani and AB. Also, Ayesha Kapur rocked!

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