My vote…

…for the post of the month goes to
Nostagia from Doordarshan days

Fish, now if only someone would help me find Mile Sur Mera Tumhara and Baje Sargam as well.


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  1. Where did you lean the art of stealin my words ! 🙂


    PS: Mile sur merea tumhara, too sur bane hamara ! 😉

  2. Those pieces were beautifully done, swelling one’s chest with pride and filling one’s eyes with tears.

  3. I’ve been searching for three years now – still no luck. Maybe I can out my broadband to good use now…

  4. Hey, why don’t you write personally to the current Chairman/MD of Doordarshan!You might be asked to pay a certain amount for the Copyright etc.

  5. Hey, I have Mile sur mera tumhara , which I downloaded just 2 days ago. But the video is the MIT ised version , but the audio is original. If you find Baje Sargam , please pass me the link.

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