…thought provoking post on the media’s coverage on the Sankaracharya’s arrest.

Will the secular media heed Justice Reddy’s warning?”

Really, the whole thing is turning into one real witchhunt now. I saw Ram Jethmalani and KTS Tulsi on TV yesterday, in an interview with Karan Thapar. Thapar was his usual self – well prepared, articulate, making a line sound one way with Tulsi and another way with Jethmalani, and not particularly worried about what the truth could be. But really, Tulsi had not a single worthwhile argument to put forth against the Supreme Court’s comments beyond saying “it was premature”. Absolutely pathetic.

As an aside, it is a pity that the Thapar kind of orientation seems to be the common characteristic of the media these days. Get a bunch of articulate people with opposing viewpoints to put forth a few arguments, but never bother to stay long enough on any topic to come to some satisfactory conclusion. Surely, people believe in different truths, but there is a necessity to probe every important issue to some degree of detail. NDTV is particularly guilty of commoditizing the treatment of issues that have larger ramifications to all of us.


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