Mail Trays seen…

…In, Out, Pending, Urgent, Relax, Discuss. I like the Relax one. Never seen anything like that before. It’s always empty though.

I am enjoying my assignment. Wouldn’t mind some company though. Is there a Vizag blogging group? Naa…I guess not.

Shit, it’s 11:45 already. G’nite. I will check out a temple or two this weekend, me thinks. Maybe arakku valley, but that’s highly unlikely.

Happy pongal/sankaranti/whatever else. All Cane, no molasses.

Yeah, I need to sleep. G’nite.


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  1. atlast! have a nice time exploring. theres a stalagmite ‘shiv mandir’ inside borra caves. have you done all the touristy stuff? i saw one waterfall that blew my mind. and one dry valley. full of stones. but i dont remember names now! anyway, have fun


  2. Hey, I heard a great deal about “ERRA MATTI DIBBALU” (= Red Clay Dunes). I think they are just in the outskirts of the city. I have seen some pictures that desisians took on a trip there thought was a interesting place to visit and take some good pictures.

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