…Hotel Green Park in Vizag has wifi in it’s rooms. If you happen to be in vizag, don’t look elsewhere for a place to stay. Reasonable room rates, excellent restaurants, and the wifi totally rocks!

I just hope they aren’t metering me!!!


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  1. Enjoy madi! 🙂

  2. whats wifi?


    • wireless fidelity – the short answer is being able to connect to the net without wires. The long answer is here – “”

      • yeah, vizag’s is a pretty nice place. An now that you mention it – I think comment was indeed kind of used in a negative sense in school/college!! If I remember right, “summa comment adikaatha” (i.e. “don’t comment just like that”) used to be the refrain in tamil. funny…:-)

        And what I meant to ask was how did you find my blog?

      • im not sure. recently bcz it was in my referrers list but before that perhaps i had once come across from a blog you had left a comment on

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