…As an aside, the word “fetish” is blocked by my company. The passage I actually wanted to post was from Chapter 2 of the book “Growth Fetish”, but the url has the word “fetish” in it, and apparently, that’s not the right kind of material for me to read about. Gmail was blocked about 10 days ago (they finally woke up to it), and now this. What can I say.

Am off to Vizag tomorrow. If anyone’s going to be around about there sometime in the next month or so, page me.

After consulting with Jace, I got a simple tripod on Saturday. If time permits, I plan to spend a weekend at Chilka and if I feel like it, try out the tripod & take a few nice snaps.

Oh, btw, that guy Ravi (the imaginary character I wrote about), he wants to get back here. Just a month, and he’s caved in. Looks like Vidya had her way. Just as well, me thinks.


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  1. good for ravi. and good for vidya. what if she has had too much time too think? what if by the time he gets back, she is wondering whether its all worth it … i mean, if it was so easy for him to leave?

    have fun in vizag! its a pretty place 🙂 i went when i was young. i still remember … i had ristretto coffee there for the first time.


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