…Hmm…with a great deal of trepidation, the wannabe makes this post 🙂

So, what have you decided?

Vidya, try to understand. It’s only been a few months since I joined, a new role, you well know I can’t afford to say No.

Listen Ravi, you took up a job in Bangalore, and that was ok with me. Then you were off to Orissa. You went away for a few months to Saudi. And still I managed… We managed. And now… And now, you have the gall to tell me that you need to be off to Saudi for a year? And you want me to join you there. What about my work? My promotion? You have any idea what you are asking?

Vidya, I know it’s tough. But you are only looking at it from your perspective. Did I ask you to leave your job in Pune when I moved to Bangalore? I didn’t right? We managed, didn’t we? All I am asking is for you to take a sabbatical for a year or so, and when we are back, you can get back to working again.

Vidya, we haven’t spent too much time together the last 10 months. Now, if you don’t join me in Saudi, that’s another year. Please try and understand.

Understand? You expect me to understand? You want me to sit and mop around in Saudi knowing how the place is? You want me to understand that it’s ok living in a compound? How selfish can you get?

It’s not all that bad. I have been there. Yes, its not the same thing as Pune, but not everything you hear is true either.

Hell, You don’t believe that yourself, do you? And what about karthi?

There are good schools there. Indian schools. And it’s only pre-kg… he will manage…Or we… We could leave him with appa & amma…. If you wish it that way.

Oh, hell Ravi. I can’t believe you are asking me to do this. I don’t want you to go. Why can’t you just quit? The market’s great, companies are hiring. Left, right, Centre. You can get a great job in Pune too.

I don’t want to do that same old shit again. You know that. This is my best chance to learn something new. Why don’t you understand that?

I understand that? What the hell does that mean? You want to do this, you want to do that. It’s always about you. Damn it. And leave karthi with appa & amma? Wah, so easy for you… And you damn well know that I am not obsessed with my career, but you don’t even have the slightest regard for me in any case. All you men are just the same.

Vidya, come on. Don’t give me that crap.

Crap?? I can give you a lot more crap. Be glad I don’t. Maybe I should…Oh hell… you are not going to change your decision anyway, are you? How the fuck does it matter what I say.

It does. That’s the thing. You can save both of us the depression by joining me there. It’s only a year. It will be over before you know it.

Damn you. It’s a year, O N E FUCKIN y..eee…a…r.

I am sorry Vidya, but I have to go. And I so want you to come. Please, Please, try and understand. Please.

Oh damn you Ravi. You want to bore yourself there, feel free. No way I am coming along. I just hope you don’t get the bloody visa.


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  1. Who are these two people?

  2. I thought you were called Arun. Then who is Ravi? And why does he want to go to Saudi despite her earnest requests?

    • 🙂 oh my god, this isn’t reality, just borrowed from one possible reality!! Just tried out my hand at writing a dialogue between two lovers having a disagreement – like I had mentioned in my previous post.

      Ravi’s changed jobs recently, he has to go there for a year for a project, it’s pretty decent work, and he wants his wife to join him. But she works in pune, and she doesn’t want to go. And she doesn’t want him to go either….It’s just a situation I created. Nothing to do with my life 🙂

  3. Man working in Bangalore, woman working in Pune, child growing up with either parent or grandma, man wants to go to Saudi for sake of career, woman protests (as it is, coming down to Bangalore seems difficult!), they start fighting, fighting goes unresolved, either party too independent to ask others for help, no one offers to intercede, wounds start festering, the child starts to become insecure and confused, the strains of a long distance relationship suddenly too hard to bear, priorities start changing, the beginning of the end becomes visible on the horizon…

    Ah, the words come to life in front of my eyes… Behold the vision of modern India!

    Your naration is pretty good! But I feel you’re holding back… kind of restraining yourself…

    • 🙂 oh boy, you are stretching it a bit too far. Very rarely it ends up that way, me thinks. People usually compromise. And somehow manage. At least, I hope so.

      I added those fucks because I thought I was restraining myself. 🙂 Actually, I would have needed another page or two to let the steam off fully, but I wanted to limit myself to less than 10 dialogues each.

      • Oh, I think they will manage too… After all, this is the Age of Compromise… Anyways, things won’t deteriorate so quickly da.. not until our priorities and attitudes towards life change completely… I just wanted to be unrestrained! 😉

        Yeah, I think two pages would have done this justice… Keep at it da.. This is the most interesting thing on my friends page currently! :))

      • 🙂 maybe i will try and rework this later tonight, if possible. It’s a pain to be disciplined with writing. Actually, it’s a pain being disciplined with anything.

      • sorry for barging in mid conversation. was strange reading the post – i know a story like this real life first hand. no – the people dont always compromise. when we were in school there were so many kids whose parents were in the gulf or the states and the kids and the moms were here or the kid in hostel and the mom and dad there or some other permutation / combination. over the years priorities change. distances grow. love stretches and thins … and the children grow up very insecure. perhaps thats one of the things that make us feel legitimate / valid … seeing our parents together / if not showing their love openly expressively. and i dont think its a modern india thing. it happens everywhere and its always happened …

        pretty good for a first attempt 🙂
        are you going to do anymore or is this the whole thing?


      • Thanks for the comment. Maybe you are right. I suppose EQ/maturity/call it what you will varies. Some people manage, some don’t. Some end up insecure, some don’t. ven where parents are together, there are possibly insecure children growing up. I don’t know. I will just count my blessings.

        You have a nice blog yourself. Read some of your poems. Very nice.

        Will I do more of this? I don’t know. I am in a practice phase right now, but maybe one day I will build around this.

        Pray, how did you get here anyway?

      • hi

        sorry for the delay responding. thanks for the compliment … u know funnily when i was a kid i thought ‘comment’ was the opposite of compliment … 🙂

        yes we can only count our blessings … so many horrid things happen

        how did i get where?

  4. good lord!!

    I hope to God that you arent related to Nostradamus…that sounds eerily like what my life might be…
    You should be a playwright, you know (if you aren’t, that is)

    • Re: good lord!!

      So are you Ravi or Vidya? 🙂 But I think it’s a common enough issue. I have seen at least a few cases around me, where I well imagine some such dialogue must have happened.

      You should be a playwright, you know (if you aren’t, that is)
      Gracias. That is encouraging. And no, i am not.

      Thanks for the comments.

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