The randomness of it all…

My notebook sits on a long narrow C shaped table, the arc of the C a long straight line, the parallel edges shorter and flat, but partly arched outwards at the front. The table stands against a wooden half wall painted in alternating dull white and greyish blue stripes. On the wall, and to my left is a long narrow bulletin board. A solitary visiting card pinned in to the dark blue padding declares my existence here. A slovenly looking BPL phone waits for a call to my right. Extension 134. But for depressed calling agents from assorted banks, hardly anyone calls. Who dials into landlines these days when mobiles call the shots? Papers lie around neither ordered nor disarrayed. Most are print outs of essays and proposals responded to lately, slowly losing their whitish hue as fine unseen layers of dust settle on them. Maybe they know it is only a matter of time before they are shredded and consigned to the bin, and why bother about appearances. My colleague stares at his monitor at the other end of the table even as he speaks and laughs into the mobile.

I slide off my chair, walk down to the entrance, pick up the Business Standard and slide back in. “Infocomm parked dues with group company”, screams the headline. Yeah, like we didn’t know that. Entrepreneurs I think are megalomaniacs. The better ones know that, but don’t see that as a weakness or a problem. I suppose if you want to make a difference, you need more than a bit of that. Me?, I wonder if I can ever be so. I have a pin sized ego. Or so I think.

I need to buy a laptop for my dad. He has an ancient Compaq Pressario 1200. 64 MB RAM. That must be as old as it gets. It works quite fine actually, but the LCD monitor seems to be running on empty. It flickers every now and again as if to say “change me, change me, change me please”. I wonder what model laptop I should get. The wi-fi revolution is here, knocking on the doors almost, so a centrino mobile is mandatory. I am considering getting the Wipro Little Genius. That’s what I use these days. It’s a reasonably priced model, works well enough, and besides, since my employer makes it, I get it at the Dealer Transfer Price. Simply put, I save a few bucks.

And as you can see, I have no work. My next target is to write a scene with 10 dialogues between two lovers having a tiff. Any ideas on what makes for a good fight?

Descriptive writing is bloody tough. Use your six senses says Sol Stein. That is going to take some effort.


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  1. 🙂

  2. Any ideas on what makes for a good fight?

    You are not married, I guess?

  3. >My next target is to write a scene with 10 dialogues between two lovers having a tiff.

    Are you in advertising or something? Or, of all things, a script writer?

  4. Try out Acers’ Travelmate series. It is good and cheap. I have been using it for quite some time now. This was the cheapest Centrino i bought and is doing good.

  5. Arun…check out…there u will find good coupon offers on HP and Dell notebooks…have someone from the US bring one over as they can bring one down duty free…my cousin bought me a DEll Inspiron 8600…Centrino 1.5GHZ , 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hdd, Wi fi, DVD/CDR …15.4 WXGA…..i got it for Rs 39850/- as i got a 750$ off …it was a spl deal avlbl for a day…but there are many such deals that come up…keep watching that site….

  6. Entrepreneurs I think are megalomaniacs

    I’ve been thinking about this.
    Is the mental distortion necessary? Does one have to keep beaming the vision onto all people involved till they are suntanned, or charred, as happens with employees who have to execute the vision? I’d like to believe that an enterprenuer can lead a balanced life and even allow the people who work with him to lead a sane life.

    I guess one issue is the “Only the paranoid survive” one, i.e., if your competition is mental, you have to be, too.

    • Re: Entrepreneurs I think are megalomaniacs

      Oh, I wasn’t saying entrepreneurs beam the vision to all people. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But the entrepreneur has to believe at all costs. Paranoid, it that’s the word you want to use. That’s the only way. If he succeeds, he is a hero. If he doesn’t, he is mental.

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