But for the ending, I savoured every bit of Eating People is Wrong. The ending was depressingly downbeat though. After a long time, I read a book start to finish in a few sittings. That is an increasingly rare occurrence these days. Started on Barry Unsworth’s Morality Play on Friday. About 25% done, and fascinatingly poised at this stage. I think I am going to enjoy this one thoroughly too.

…Had been to Forum on Sunday. Spent a while at Landmark, read one of the concluding chapters from Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists, and a Michael Ondotjee short story. Both were nice. Somehow, resisted buying a book.

Forum is awfully crowded these days though. The number of people who throng the place is just unbelievable. The Shiv Sagar outlet in Transit is surely raking it in. OTOH, I haven’t ever seen a single person check out the Pizza Corner outlet. Have heard that their pizzas are much better these days, but the bad rep from their early years seems to be really hurting them.


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  1. Please reserve both books for me! Will collect it from you soon… 🙂

    • Borrowed from british council. I am not so sure you will like Eating People, but you will certainly love Morality Play. Shall pass on the former before I leave to mumbai, the latter when I am back.

  2. ah, the days of reading a book in one day…
    Now I read for 30 minutes in the night before sleeping. If at all.

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