The Best Indian Business School Blog…

…Hey folks, great news!!!! Finallly, I have made my presence felt on Google. Am 4th in the rankings now for The Best Indian Business School Blog!!! 5th actually, but Dhar is there twice.

Slowly, steadily, I work my way up!!! 🙂

Calling on LJ friends and well wishers again – those of you who haven’t plugged for me, here’s your chance to contribute to a good cause! 🙂

The contest closes on 25th. We are almost there!!!

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  1. A sure way to win would be to visit all the posts that are a plug for other blogs for the best indian business blog, and leave a comment there, linking to your website, with the required words in the link text. That never fails!

    • Hmm…that’s interesting.

      Actually, I am not all that certain though. After my sudden move up the rankings, I have a distinct feeling they are at least a little biased to Blogger/blogspot. And I think the “page url” is a key factor too – me thinks the more the url appears relevant, the better.

      It’s been an interesting experience. Let’s see what else one can learn.

    • Great idea, though it will not probably be well-received! 🙂

  2. wow! 19 to 5 in a single day is kewl!!

    • 🙂 yeah, was pleasantly surprised to see that!! I had made a couple of elementary oversights which I fixed over the last couple of days. Dunno if that contributed to the move up, but I would like to imagine so 🙂

      Remains to be seen how long it stays there though. Google remains a mystery!!

  3. hey!! remember me?? This is Karthik. We met at one of the first Hyderabad LJ meets. Anyway.. a small contribution from me as the competition seems to be coming to a close.

    Here it is!! Hope it helps! 🙂

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