The funny side of ISO…

…Yesterday, my dad was telling me about this business consultant he had met. Among other things, this guy does consulting for ISO. 9001, 14000, and other such standards. After the consulting engagement, he takes up an AMC with the company!!!

Imagine that – An Annual Maintenance Contract for an ISO Consultant. This is so hilarious that my dad had to ask him the details..

Dad: “So, what the heck do you mean by AMC?”
Consultant Dude: “Well, every year, before the annual audit is done, I do the ISO maintenance”
Dad: “ISO maintenance? Err…What exactly is that?”
Consultant Dude: “Well, you know the documentation and stuff. I kind of get paid a bit to do or fix all that in a few days before the audit”
Dad: “You do the documentation for the company before the audit?”
Consultant Dude: “Hee hee…yeah. You know how it works….3 days work, get paid a couple of thousands or so.”

Oh, well…What’s more to say? If a salon in chennai has an ISO Certification, there must certainly be more than a fair share of consultant dudes.


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