What does a solitary reaper do on Diwali?

Mughal-E-Azam is pretty good. Just switch off whenever Rani Jodhabai comes on screen, and you will enjoy the movie. A good movie? Sure, yes. A classic? Nah, not really. Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar is too one-dimensional. His character could certainly have been sketched better. And by modern standards, some of the dialogues are downright hilarious.

Colour or no colour, Madhubala is beautiful. And amazing songs.

My trek plans went for a toss. Was supposed to be out camping at Mokhagiri right now, but the bloody rains ensured I ended up at Innovative instead. Oh well…

Three more days.

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  1. I think “Home Alone” would have been more apt for you to watch, instead of me! 🙂

    Am planning to see King Arthur sometime today or tomorrow…

  2. Colour or no colour, Madhubala is beautiful
    ’nuff said.

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