Broadband, flatband…

What do you think would be the impact of a rapid rollout of broadband in India, over the next 6 months? 3-5 points please, if you will.

Broadband apart, everyone’s buying a flat.


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  1. My first impressions:

    1. Not much impact and not immediately, I think. Its always the broadband supply which will drive the demand for new applications that can make use of the broadband (creating a measurable lead time). However, initially I think the biggest boost will come from entertainment sector – online movies, streaming music, gaming etc.

    2. Business will not be substantially affected initially (unless government has some special plan with regards to the rural/unorganized sector), though working from home might become a viable alternative because of the availability of broadband.

    3. Voip applications will continue to become a serious alternative to STD and ISD calls.

    4. People’s expectations regarding e-governance may increase because of availability of infrastructure. Interactive governance (online voting on issues etc) may also become possible.

    5. Linking of universities, schools and other academic institutions will begin in a serious way, subject to cost viability and other factors.

    Why do you ask this question anyways? And what do you feel about this?

    • Thanks da! Just asking, because I think there is a strong chance it will happen in the next one year or so.

      I am trying to understand how different things will tie together, what practices will change, what are the top 4-5 social benefits that can be accomplished, but will need more than just the bandwidth itself. Sort of like, bandwidth provides the platform for doing X,Y,Z to accomplish a bunch of social objectives. What will that X,Y,Z be? What other regulatory/economic incentives will we need to make sure that somebody starts delivering on that X,Y,Z ?

      I read that South Korea went from abysmal connectivity to transacting 1/3rd of its GDP online in 5 years time, primarily because broadband became accessible and cheap. While I don’t think that will happen here, we have greater needs and challenges, and I want to get a better hang of how broadband will help address those.

      What I feel, I will post tomorrow.

  2. resonant with this : i was thinking yesterday that when i come back the only disconcerting thing for me will be the bandwidth, from 500 KBps (limited only because the server cannot serve you faster) – with capable hosts 2 MBps, to 12 KBps

    last week i was downloading a 13 MB file and ETA was 4 minutes and i was annoyed. i better start deconditioning myself.

  3. 1. VoIP: The promise is there, but there will be regulation. ISPs will try and control access by blocking other providers, but the market will evolve over a period of time, and regulations will go the way of the dodo.
    2. Multimedia: i can see an Indian flavour of napster. imagine this: hindi songs for 5 bucks each. there’s a powerful use of the medium. wannabe entrepreneurs: build an indian napster/itunes, and work with samsung for a portable music player, and you will laugh your way to the bank.
    3. VoIP – Wireless convergence – i’ll believe this when it happens; holds out a lot of promise, when you consider the ability to seamlessly transfer between WiFi and GSM/CDMA networks using single devices. WiMax 801.1e standards could make it happen in a year.
    4. On Demand services – Look for a single cable supplying phone service, digital cable and broadband. Combine that with set-top boxes that double as PVRs (Personal Video Recorders), and you have the killer app. for broadband in india. You are browsing the web and downloading the latest Jagjit Singh album on a 3mbps line, while your wife is scheduling an automatic downloading of Jaane Bhi Do Yaroon on the PVR after dinner, while the family goes out for dessert. Of course, the mini-pbx from the VoIP company makes sure that the “follow me” feature forwards that call from your U.S cousin automatically from the home phone to the cell phone.

    Sounds like a dream? i don’t think so. i think the cities will lead the way in a lot of the innovations. The question is, what are we as entrepreneurs, software mavericks, content creators and inventors going to do between now and the time broadband becomes a reality? Pardon me while i go and update the business plan for my next startup.

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