A quiz from my periappa….

1.Which agency was managing Indian Currency till the RBI was established in April, 1935 ?

2.What did Muhammad Bin Tughlaq issue in place of silver tanka ?

3.Who established the General Bank in Behar and Bengal ?

4.Which Bank issued notes of Rs 15 and Rs. 25?

5.What were the first set of British India notes called ?

6.When was the One Rupee note issued for the first time ?

7.The Security Press was set up in 1925, and the Currency Note Press was set up in 1928 here. Name the town/city?

8.Who was the signatory of the first One Rupee note issued in Independent India ?

9. Deputy Governon, Shri P.R. Nayak was the Chairman of the Committee that recommended coinisation of notes of certain denomination. What were the denominations?

10.Which garden appeared on the Rupees Ten notes issued in 1992 ?

11.What was the motif on the Rupees 500 note introduced in 1987 ?

12.What was first introduced in the currency note in 1980?

13.How many languages appear in the Currency Language Panel ?

14.Which world renowned economist wrote a book on Indian Currency in 1913?


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