the karaikudi weekend…

Had been to karaikudi this weekend to attend a friend’s wedding, a classmate from my engineering times at CIT. Given that it was on a sunday, and the extended weekend at blr, quite a few familiar faces from a different time had turned up.

Was good catching up on old times, exchanging updates on each other’s lives over the last couple of years, and in learning that some of those who had struggled in the initial couple of years are now doing reasonably well for themselves.

Some, of course, have done very well – my final yr project mate is making a six figure salary in California, writing and debugging assembly code for a living. Others are project managers, senior engineers, tech leads, so on and so forth. The thing with being an MBA in such a crowd is that people look at you differently, expect something special almost. I don’t know if I satisfied them, but it doesn’t really matter. Funnily, the conversation about work was minimal. Quite unlike meeting my MBA alumni, when a lot of discussion is centred around work, bitching sessions et al.

Also, from various perspectives, made me think about where I stand when compared to the rest. I think I have grown far more than most of them from a personal and intellectual standpoint, but from a career perspective, can’t say I have done any better than the better among them. I am also a lot more confused than any of them are. 🙂

As for the marriage itself, the folks were chettiars. First time I have been to a chettiar wedding, the food was great (though I now have an upset stomach) and the rituals were a bit different from an iyer wedding (they don’t even have a sacred fire, which is pretty cool for the bride and the groom). Was disgusted by a couple of their customs though. But I suppose, so are some rituals in most Hindu weddings, no matter the caste. It’s all still a lot of fun.

My dad thinks punjabi weddings and tam brahm weddings are great fun, prolonged agony for the bride and the groom, but lots of fun for everyone else concerned. My exposure to punju weddings are all through hindi movies, and they certainly seem to be lots of fun. Can’t agree so much about tam brahm weddings. I have been to a few really boring ones, and a few fun ones. I guess, it mostly depends on how many people you know at the wedding.

At times, I feel so directionless that I sometimes wonder if I should see an astrologer. Maybe stars do have the answers! But then, there are times, when I feel it will work out just fine, and all it takes is some patience and discipline.

Lunch time. Thayir saadam beckons.


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  1. Nice post 🙂

    I think most of us feel directionless sometime or the other. From personal experience, I don’t think astrologers can do much for you (though that doesn’t stop me from going to them everytime I get to know of one ;-)) but my point is that they can’t change what is in store for you and most of them only do some guess work depending on the inputs you give them.

    • Thanks! I suppose you are right, they certainly can’t change what’s in store for me, but what i wonder sometimes is if there is some merit to astrology, then maybe they can show if i am doing something that really doesn’t fit my personality one bit.

      I know a case where X used to tell Y that Y would have done incredibly well if he was into teaching/training etc, as it turns out, Y is doing quite well doing stuff like that now (many many years later)…And probably enjoying it a fair bit too.

      I am rather pig headed about not believing in astrologers, but I can’t help having my doubts anyway.

  2. that makes two of us

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