Between the two of us…

What is one to make of a night,
in it’s own moonlit hangover
from the weekend’s revelry?

Time maybe,
to ask of her
to life’s great questions
disrobed of all pretense,
just her silence and I

She is a hard woman.
Not a word, just the waiting;
a modern day shrink’s fairy godmother
no answers, only the silence –
of understanding,
I must presume.

The questions are confused
What is she to do?
Confusion has no answers;
maybe her silence says
for the tide to pass over.

It comes to all,
whatever the wisdom,
the experience or the age;
these moments
of unreciprocated sighs and despair.

take it hard
let it pass,
come back to it,

You pick your choice
And live with those.

Now let me be,
will you? Your gloom
pales me. Allow me
my few hours
of sunshine.


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