what does the sardar do at midnight?

No doubt, I must be the swimmer with the worst technique on this plannet. When I am in the pool, I am fairly certain even a dog eared Arab in another corner of Kuwait can hear the splashes. Beats me how the good swimmers get to the other end of the pool without making the least contribution whatsoever to noise pollution. Oh well, in any case, I still do manage to make it to the other end. Two times out of 5 that is. Given that I couldn’t even swim half that distance on the first day, not all that bad. The best thing though has been the progress with my floating attempts. Today, I finally managed to stay afloat for over 30 seconds or so. I tried to move while floating, and that was that. Still, little drops of water and all that. I seem to be making one mistake though. My ears are pretty much under the water while I stay afloat, which means, after a while, all that water does get to me. It doesn’t need an Archimdes to figure that one out. The question therefore is – How do I get my ears to stay above the water? Practice, practice, my boy -Eureka moments don’t just happen. You have got to stay in the tub a while longer.

But speaking of staying above things, that’s not something I am doing too well, work wise. My apologies for those of you who had been kind enough to enquire and I had been rude enough not to respond to. Have had a fairly troublesome week – not the too much work kind of week, more a – not good enough for whatever little work – kind of week. Hasn’t happened in a long while, which also goes to show the sort of crap I have been doing over the last couple of years, and the effect it’s had on my head. Can’t do much about it, but I seem to have lost the appetite for sustained hard work, have developed a few useless habits, and that I surely need to do something about.

I had a boring, lonely day. Saw Sister Act, which was a nice movie. Returned ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ withough having watched it. Borrowed two other movies, one of which is a movie called Amadeus. I confused it with Amistaad, but this one’s about a musician, not a ship. Still, anything to do with Mozart can’t be all that bad, I figure. Maybe I will watch it tomorrow.

The telephone charges in Kuwait are neat. You pay KD 30 a year, and that’s that. No access charges, no nothing. 24 hours access – 365 days a year. The connection is slow, dial ups are slow any part of the world, still it’s nice not having to worry about the bills, and not having to reconnect every time. Plug it, browse it, leave it that way.

I have also been washing my clothes. Oh shit, I just remembered, it’s lying in the washing machine below. I need to dump it in the dryer. Remind me to do that, once I have posted this, ok. Ok. Falling in the – I have also been doing – category, is also music. These days, the only times I seem to actually listen to stuff is when I am out elsewhere. Today, I let launchcast stream on & on. Some artists I had never heard earlier, and quite good ones too. But right now, I am back to listening to my own collection. Loreena Mckennitt most wonderful voice – Marrakesh Night Market. Some day, I would like to see that place. I figure it can’t be too different from Gandhi Bazaar. Still, if someone’s written a song on the place, there must be something about it. Morocco seems to have lots of things going for it, that way. I like Moroccan tennis players, very skilful. Casablanca is there too. Must be a boring old town now I guess. Who knows.

So, what else? Nothing much really. I just had a can of Red Bull. That’s caused this stream of consciousness thing I suppose. Caffeine is good. Caffeine is healthy. Caffeine is the answer to life’s questions. Drink caffeine. Stay healthy.

Cheerios. And Au Revouir. How do you spell that?


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  1. Ok… firstly, I suppose your clothes are still lying in the washing machine. 🙂

    Secondly, the key to floating is to keep your face straight up. When you’re floating (or atleast trying to float) on your back, you’ll have to make an extra effort to keep your chin up so that water doesn’t get into your ears. This also makes sure that the rest of your body becomes automatically parallel to the water, and so you end up floating well…

    Thirdly, I’ve lost the appetite for hard work too, and now I just have one more reason to justify it!

    Fourthly, do you realize how long it’s been since you made a post like this? Not since ISB, I suppose… I really enjoyed reading this – keep posting da…

    Fifthly, I’ll call you tonight.

    P.S. I’m gonna try Red Bull tomorrow! 🙂

    • > P.S. I’m gonna try Red Bull tomorrow! 🙂

      Tell me what it’s like. I’ve always wanted to try.

    • That’s what I have been trying to do, keep the chin up. 🙂 Actually, I can’t avoid swallowing a bit of water initially, and that’s a problem too.

      Yeah, I realized it’s been a heck of a long time since I made such a post. Like I have always felt, you are at your most creative only under stress, and when the nights are really long.

      Red Bull is good, bloody expensive though. It cost 75 bucks for a 250 ml can.

  2. As long as you’re alright, it doesn’t matter whether or not you respond 🙂

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