Yesterday night…

…I had a long discussion with Suhel about ethics, The Theory of Convenience (his phrase), value systems, cultural evolution, the rise of relativism etc etc…Felt like I was back in Bangalore sitting at Woody’s with Bala, discussing and arguing hazaar things under the sun. Weirdly, even a few of the examples he took up were similar.

The one thing I am realizing is this: Your influence is greatest when people see in your actions the values you embody, day after day, time after time.

The movie The Contender (good movie, watch it if you can) had two great lines. Paraphrasing loosely,

“your constituents do not want you for your objectivity. They want you for your subjectivity – what you believe in, what your position on something is.”

“Values & Principles are of no use if you do not stick by them during the times they are most inconvenient to you”.


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  1. It is very lonely at Woody’s these days, you know… 🙂

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