…What can I say? My suitcase travels half way around the world, returns 5 days after, the lock’s broken, and it’s been rummaged thoroughly – ransacked almost, and despite it all, the $1,300 I had been foolish enough to leave in the suitcase is safe as a Swiss bank account. Well, almost. It was found, but the nice gentleman who did the ransacking had been nicer still. He simply moved it to a different location in the suitcase; sure made me skip a heartbeat or two, but nothing more. After 5 whole days, at least the heartbeat should skip, shouldn’t it?

I am sort of lucky that way. Blessed almost. Good old fellow up there fancies me for whatever reason. Watches my back, despite the naivete I display ever so often. At least, more often that not. Thank you security guard, Thank you God.

Kuwait is really quite nice. Far far better than Riyadh. Swimming pool in the apartment, been swimming the last couple of days, or maybe I should say, been trying to wade about in neck deep water, without losing my breath too often. I still manage to swim 10 metres. Not bad at all. Ian Thorpe, here I come.

If you are in kuwait, do eat at the Udupi restaurant. Heavens, am I glad or what! Goold old vegetarian south indian food for lunch everyday. Most wonderful. Dil bhi kush, pet bhi kush, health bhi kush.

Enough kushi for one night. Over and out.

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  1. You got your bag back!!! YAY!

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