Once upon a time in Kuwait …

So I figured, about time, I put down a few thoughts on Kuwait. First off, I must say, the place has been a bit of a pleasant surprise. One visits Riyadh, and one leaves with an impression of the Middle East, not entirely favourable or pleasant. People had mentioned Kuwait wasn’t that way. As my colleague here had put it, it was Dubai minus the liquour. Not that I have experienced Dubai, but still that was reassuring to hear.

It’s been almost a week since I got here. And I have been impressed. I love it that the women drive and work, that not everyone is draped in black, that while businesses don’t shut shop for Salah, people still cease working to pray, that the excellent Udupi hotel is just a kms drive from where I work, that there is a pleasant evening breeze, that the summer is almost at end, that there’s a swimming pool in my apartment, that I can walk outside in my shorts and nobody gives a damn, that I get Zaatars in the fast food outlet just adjacent to my apartment, that the DVD library downstairs has some great movies, that I have a chauffeur driven car and don’t have to worry about cabs, but most of all, I love it that the city’s right by the sea, my apartment just an evening walk away from the coastline, and the long drive to the client’s office is right alongside the Gulf coast.

I saw Farenhit 911 a couple of days ago. But for the over melodramatic last half an hour, quite excellent. If ever I had the slightest doubt about the essential lightness of Bush’s brain, such doubts have been dispelled once and for all.


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  1. Hi

    The best part I liked in this was:
    “that the excellent Udupi hotel is just a kms drive from where I work”

    And I think you know exactly why!



  2. Good for YOU!!! Enjoy ur stay and as i said before…dont get kidnapped or wander off to Iraq 😉

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