Roger Federer…

…What a year!! Three Grand Slams. 4 Finals, 4 Wins. Wow!!!

If he did something like this again, that would be just incredible. But the best thing is that he has shown you can still do it with a game that’s completely different from what’s become the standard over the last decade or so. No double fisted backhands, no non stop baseline play, no crunching groundstrokes. He’s got power of course, but that’s only part of it. There’s the volleying ability, the big serves, and most of all, the exceptional shotmaking ability, and the ability to find the most amazing angles. Very few top players have had such shotmaking ability. Usually, it’s been the flashier, inconsistent players who were so gifted. Korda and Mecir earlier, and these days, Hicham Arazi for instance. And Kuerten, at times.

Federer’s got to be careful though. I have to wonder if he can continue at this level for much longer, without a coach. Besides, Andy Roddick’s improvement has been exceptional. He did not win a major this year, but I think he’s become a much more rounded player, much more than a ace machine. For sure, he is going to win at least one slam next year.

Next year should be fun. If Safin stays fit, and gets back some of the missing confidence, that would be just great.


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