The US Open…

Uh oh…Just saw the most devastating forehand in men’s tennis. Joachim Johansson, the new Swede on the block; my word, I haven’t seen anyone hit a forehand as hard as he does. I thought Roddick had the most potent forehand in the men’s game, this guy’s is a notch better.

Today, Johansson upset Roddick at the US Open. But he hasn’t got all the tools yet. I think Roddick won’t lose to him again, unless Johansson improves his second serve, and backhand. Still, with a forehand so good, he will always be a threat.

Federer, Henman, Hewitt, Johansson. A pretty good semifinal lineup.

But very disappointed that Paes/Martina lost out so narrowly in the semis of the mixed doubles. But, what an outstanding achievement for a 47 year old. I guess this is the last time we are going to see Martina in a Grand Slam. But thanks for all those wonderful moments, Martina!!!

Paes is in the men’s doubles final though. Great chance to win another slam. Here’s hoping…


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