E.F. Schumacher on The Doctrine of Evolutionism…

The doctrine of evolution is generally presented in a manner that betrays, and offends against, all principles of scientific probity. It starts with the explanation of changes in living beings; but without warning, as it were, suddenly purports to explain not only the development of consciousness, self-awareness, language and social institutions, but the origin of life itself. “Evolution”, we are told, is accepted by all biologists, and natural selection is recognized as its cause. As the origin of life is described as a ‘major step in evolution’, we are asked to believe that inanimate matter is a masterful practitioner of natural selection. For the Doctrine of Evolutionism, any possibility, no matter how remote, is perfectly acceptable as scientific proof that the thing actually happened. …

The late Dr. Karl Stern, has commented thus:

“If we present for the sake of argument, the theory of evolution in a most scientific formulation, we have to say something like this: “At a certain moment of time, the temperature of Earth was such that it became most favourable for the aggregation of carbon atoms and oxygen with the nitrogen-hydrogen combination, and that from random occurrences of large clusters molecules occurred which were favourably structured for the coming about of life, and from that point it went on through vast stretches of time, until through processes of natural selection a being finally occurred which is capable of choosing love over hate, and justice over injustice, of writing poetry like that of Dante, composing music like that of Mozart, and making drawings like that of Leonardo. Of course, such a view of cosmogenesis is crazy. And I do not at all mean crazy in the sense of slangy invective but rather in the technical meaning of psychotic. Indeed such a view has much in common with certain aspects of schizophrenic thinking. “

The fact remains, however, that this kind of thinking is being offered as objective science not only to biologists, but to everybody eager to find out the truth about the origin, meaning and purpose of human existence on Earth, and in particular that, all over the world, virtually all children are subjected to indoctrination along the lines described.

It is the task of science to observe and report on it’s observations…. “Let us see how far we can explain phenomena by observable causes” is an eminently sensible, and in fact, very fruitful methodological principle. Evolutionism, however, turns methodology into a faith that excludes, ex hypothesi, the possibility of all higher grades of significance. The whole of nature, which obviously includes mankind, is taken as the product of chance and necessity, and nothing else, there is neither meaning, nor purpose, nor intelligence in it – “a tale told by an idiot signifying nothing”. This is The Faith and all contradicting observations have to be either ignored, or interpreted in such a way that The Faith is upheld.


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