The Source of Life For Sale…

So I saw the water documentary “The Source of Life For Sale” at Aashirwaad yesterday. Managed to drag Hari along with me. Like had mentioned, an intelligent and well-done movie. And a touch scary too. My only problem with it was that it was one-dimensional in its approach.

I differed on a few of their perspectives, or to be more precise, with some of their prescriptions for the solution to the water crisis. Ended up debating a few points with the filmmaker K.P. Sasi, and a few others who were around. I don’t suppose I convinced anyone, they have probably seen enough arm chair intellectuals like me, but at least I hope I seeded a thought.

They certainly have a point in their revulsion for Coke, and in some cases, even in their anti-privatization campaign, but personally, I think, by doing so(i.e. by trying to rule out privatization altogether), they will continue to stay in the margins, with the odd success here and there. I was trying to make my point about the different ways in which privatization could be structured, with a lady there, she heard me out alright, but that was about all.

All the same, I think these folks are doing a tremendous job. If not for people like them who are willing to take a step back (for whatever reasons), and look at life more holistically, one of these days, we will find ourselves with little left to savour.

They are holding a protest meet outside Cubbon Park on Friday late afternoon. You could join them in support, if you like.

“Water is not a commodity, it is a source of life.” We would do well to keep that in mind. At all times.

Personally, I did a few things right. I listened carefully, I did not interrupt, and consequently, I could have my word without interruption as well. But as much as I empathized with them, I think I let my desire to make my point come in the way of empathizing enough.


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  1. When was this? And what was this documentary about?

  2. Nice post!

  3. Hi There…

    Interesting Blog… Covers topics I too find interesting.

    I am a current ISB student, got your blog URL from Bala. Thought I will drop in and say Hi.


    • Re: Hi There…

      Hey, Thanks for dropping by. Bala had mentioned your blog, I have been visiting it periodically ever since. Good to see so many guys from you class blogging. That collaborative blog is a good idea.

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