Construction workers…

There is so much construction going around in Bangalore, you have got labourers from all over India – mostly Bihar, UP, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, and Andhra, who leave their homes for months, often years together, and sit around in harsh cities eking out a living by building homes for others. But not one of them is provided with accomodation that is even remotely decent or civilized. Blue tents made of poor quality canvas, absestos roofed shacks, what kind of accomodation is this? Lousy water and sanitation facilities, and God awful facilities all around.

How can the Hiranandanis, the Mantris, the Rahejas of the world be so inconsiderate? I think of all the industries, construction must be one of the most unconscientious and unprincipled.

I wonder how long it will be before at least one builder provides better quality housing to these construction workers.


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  1. Capitalism finds its ways

    It appears that the construction workers live in the buildings while they are partly constructed. I do not know if this is really allowed by the builder or they just turn the other way.

    • Re: Capitalism finds its ways

      Capitalism does not always find its ways, in truth, it fails almost as often as it succeeds.

      From what I have seen, they live close to the buildings, not in the buildings, and like I said, the conditions are mostly abominable.

      Every builder is just after fast bucks. Construction workers are desperate, are available aplenty, and are easy to exploit. And wherever this is the case, capitalism, unless regulated and monitored effectively, fails.

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