Rajyavardhan Rathore – Thanks! I was hoping Abhinav Bindra would win a medal, unfortunately he lost out, but great show by Rathore. Our first ever Silver in an individual event. Some progress at least.

Ulyett/Black in the quarters is a toughie for Paes/Bhupathi. But our boys should come through anyway. Go guys go!! Get the Gold.

Too bad Federer had a lousy day though. I can’t believe he lost his Singles to some random player.

Saw a few swimming events yesterday. Amazing stuff. The 4*200 freestyle relay was brilliant. The US just squezed past Australia by 0.13 seconds or something, despite Ian Thorpe anchoring Australia.

Sometimes the whole thing seems so strange, here’s an athlete who has his moment in the sun once in 4 years, and he wins or loses medals by a few millimetres, a few milli seconds, a few grams, a point here, a point there. 0.1 seconds is the difference between a $10 million deal with Nike, and a $100,000 deal with say, Lakhani Shoes.


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  1. I totally agree – it is a great achievement for someone who started on the sport only a few years back, had very little professional training or support from the government – to go ahead and perform like that.

    As kids we were given an introduction to the air gun and concentrating on a static target was a huge task… I don’t know too much about moving targets but for a monotonous sport like shooting, it must take humongous effort.

    • Yeah, it’s amazing that he actually managed the Silver despite taking up the sport so late. I caught bits and pieces of the action in some other trap shooting event. Couldn’t figure it out much. But yes, must be awfully difficult.

      When Anjali Bhagvat didn’t make it to the finals, I was wondering how could she have screwed up so bad, but then I happened to see the finals. Boy, is the competition tough or what. I think luck/fate is as much a factor as skill/temparement on such occasions.

  2. thanks to the cablewallah’s strike,I saw the 4*200 meter too.
    otherwise wud’ve ended up watching the routine stuff on V, star, etc.
    Amazing and very exciting stuff!Ian Thorpe is just amazing! damn that 0.13 sec šŸ˜¦

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