If I buy an iPod…


Apple’s stand that only iTunes songs can play on the iPod is garbage. How stupid can they get?


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  1. am getting the 4th gen ipod…on its way to me frm the US….this doesnt really affect me i guess..already have a large enuf library of songs

  2. nothing new

    this is also nothing new…..remember why they intially lost out to IBM in the PC battle long long ago ..cos they had propreitary s/w as opposed to open stds 🙂

    • Re: nothing new

      It’s a totally different game this time. Everyone siding with Real as the underdog is getting it wrong. The iPod could play regular MP3s for two years before the iTunes Music Store and Apple’s DRM came to exist, and still can play them. Read this:


      • Re: nothing new

        nice one…guess the scene is qquite different..thanks for pointing this out

      • Re: nothing new

        uh uh!! That link you posted says

        “The second point — Apple’s full support for MP3 and other non-protected audio formats — is curiously and significantly underemphasized in the mainstream media, especially in coverage of the recent RealNetworks brouhaha…..

        …This is so fallacious, it’s hard to see how anyone is falling for it. DRM lock-in is indeed a serious issue — but the people who are concerned about lock-in aren’t going to trust RealNetworks (or Microsoft) any more than they trust Apple. They’re going to buy non-DRM music, which the iPod already embraces.”

        I feel really stupid now. That blasted article I had posted misled me completely on what the iPod plays. I wouldn’t have expected Wired to write such a misleading article. Shit!

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