The beautiful game…

I think Patrick Viera will be making a big mistake if he does move to Real Madrid. I have never been a Viera fan, but over the last year or so, I have become a big fan of Arsenals’ playing style. They play beautiful football – attacking, free flowing and speedy. Last Sunday’s win against Man U in the Community Shield was a terrific exhibition of their game. Arsenal have some of the quickest players on a football pitch- Thierry Henry, Andy Cole, Clichy, and the others like Pires, Ljunberg, and Bergkamp, even if not as quick, are wonderfully skilled, Bergkamp most of all. Viera was a big part in their success, and I would have bet on them going all the way to the Champions League final if he had stayed put at Arsenal.

What will Viera do at Real Madrid? I think he is going to be a misfit there, Zidane’s presence will cast a long shadow, and while I am a huge Zidane fan, I think his game is going downhill. He has all the tricks still, but he has lost his pace, and doesn’t seem willing to work hard. Roberto Carlos has his merits, but he will never be anything more than an indefatiguable show pony, Beckham’s free kicks have lost their sting, and as for Raul, Raul who? Ronaldo and Morientes should do well,  as will Helguera, but overall, I think it’s a team on the wane. They need younger players, players who can work hard, Viera is not what they need, they need a Wayne Rooney in the forward line, and  Ricardo Carvalho , Luis Miguel, Andy Cole or a Traianos Dellas in the defence.

Maybe I will be proved wrong, but I think the year will show that Viera’s move to Real Madrid (assuming it does happen) was a blunder. For both teams. And most of all, for Viera himself.


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