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…Arun Shourie dwells at length on the provisions of Article 370 that apply to J&K, and the associated problems.

Article 370

Arvind Lavakare’s column discusses J&K’s special status in a different but related context.

Arvind Lavakare’s Column

Article 370 was intended as a temporary provision to be made void over time. As with the debates on the Uniform Civil Code, the debates on Article 370 when it was being framed clearly indicate that the article was intended as a purely stop-gap measure.

Actually, there are a bunch of temporary, transitional and special provisions which are anything but that. You will find them on this page.

I think Article 371 is one list that will keep expanding.  Right now, Karnataka is  fighting to be included in yet another clause in 371.

Amending the constitution seems to be the easy way out for a whole range of problems.


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