Kashmiri Pandits…

Francois Gautier tends to over-sentimantalize, but he makes very valid points nevertheless.


“In the end you are left with the realization that nobody cares about the Kashmiri Pandits, neither abroad nor in India. They are too small a community to constitute a voting bank. They also don’t make their voices heard: they don’t blow up buses full of innocent civilians and don’t fire Kalashnikovs at crowds and, of course, they themselves are a disunited lot and except for a few beings like Sunil Bakshi or Ashok Pandit, nobody sticks his or her neck out.”

It amazes me that the mainstream media hardly ever touches upon the Pandits. But for the odd article when some terrible massacre occurs, nothing’s ever said. The humanitarian crisis (fuck all word humanitarian – it’s the Amnesty equivalent of “strategy”) in Dafur will get reported ad nauseum, but about what happens here, sshh….koyi nahin hai…


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