CET mess…

…The whole CET admissions thing stinks. All the way to hell. We are making a big tamasha of education. I pity the kids. It was just about beginning to get lousy when I did my engg.,it certainly looks like it’s even worse now.

I have no idea what’s taught in engg. colleges these days, but I am guessing it’s no different from what I did back in 95. There was this mail from the india-gii moderator, he talked about people still learning and living with 8086. Yeah, i am sure that’s there too…We don’t fix what needs to be fixed. Instead, we tinker around, and screw up the whole system.

I am rather ambivalent about reservation. I think it’s done a fair bit of good, but it’s also stirred up unncessary angst and pain. Like a half baked brownie that we could have done without, or should have cooked right in the first place.

…What a mess.


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