Aaj ka Aphorism…

Life is like vehicular dust. It takes a long time to settle. Occasionally it stays suspended.


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  1. True indeed. This reminded me of a poem in my hindi text book — sooke pathe. Don’t remember the poet’s name now. Tried googling for hindi poems but could not locate it.

    • Strange, that poem seems kind of familiar. Did you do matriculation?

      Thanks for the comment

      • //Did you do matriculation?//
        I am very sure I did.

        This poem was one from the modern/contempory poets. After hacking my brains for a while, I finally remembered some lines. You need a hindi-written-in-English converter to decipher this piece of mutilated text.

        …Teeeji se jati hui car ke peshe,
        Sadak par pade nirjeev sooke patho ne
        Kuch door doodth kar kaha,
        rooke hume mein me pran hai,
        Hum bhi doodh sakthe hai,
        Hume bhi saath lee gao,
        Par unse koon kahe,

        //Thanks for the comment//
        That’s what LJ is for(IMO).

      • I am very sure I did.

        lol! 🙂 I meant, the “matriculation syllabus”. In Tamil Nadu, apart from the State Board, CBSE, ICSE et.al, matriculation is another popular syllabus pattern. Mostly similar to the TN State Booard, but a touch tougher.

        Can’t recall the lines..I guess I didn’t have that poem. Probably lyrics of some old Hindi song has sooke pathe or something.

        Anyways, thanks for the comment 🙂

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