Gmail thoughts…

…I moved my india-gii mailing list subscription to gmail. Now, this is a fairly active list, and I tend to get around 10 msgs per day.

The cool thing: Love the fact that google groups messages by conversations. Most mails on india-gii are part of a conversation. So my inbox is not littered with new messages.

The not so cool thing: I don’t like the fact that I cannot create folders. Labels don’t really serve the same purpose. I mean I would rather move all india-gii mails to a separate folder than leave it in my inbox. Sure I can archive it, but then I can only “search” through an archive, and not really “look through” an archive. Besides, all these mailing list mails make the personal mails I receive almost invisible and difficult to spot. And I don’t want to label every damn mail I get.

Why this “Search Vs Sort” philosophy? I mean, can’t it be “search” + “sort” ?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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