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I am considering buying the Olympus C310 digicam. This costs 850 riyals or so over here. The base model costs about 11K INR. I am not looking for a fancy camera, but would like the picture quality to be decent, and that costs < INR 15K. Also, how much does the Canon A70/75/80 range cost in India? The A70 is about 19-20K rupees here. Would be happy to hear your review/recommendation.

C-310 Features

3.0 Megapixel CCD
3 x optical zoom (35-105mm)
Takes XD Media Cards
USB Connectivity
Uses AA Batteries

Package Contents
2 x AA Alkaline Batteries, 16mb XD media Card, USB Cable, Olympus Software CD

3x optical zoom (equiv. 38 – 114mm on 35mm camera), f2.9-5.0. Super Macro mode: shooting from as close as 2cm. 5 scene programmes (Portrait, Self Portrait, Night Scene, Landscape, Landscape with Portrait). Movie recording function. PictBridge support. 1.8" LCD with multi-language menu. TruePic support.CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software provided.


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  1. I’m no expert on cameras, much less digital ones. But I do own a digital camera myself and based on the experience, I suggest the following things:

    Firstly, are you sure you want a 3 megapixel camera? The 3MPS models are getting replaced by 5 and 6 megapixel cameras, though such high quality of photographs is required only for the serious photographer. If you are not a serious photographer, 3 Megapixels would probably.

    More importantly, I would advise you to get a camera with a rechargable battery, and not one which uses the AA batteries. I have the latter, and its a mega pain to keep changing batteries and to keep watching out so that they don’t leak and ruin the camera. A rechargable battery offers longer life and more operational time.

    Happy shopping!

    • Ah…thanks!! I was a bit concerned about AA, but I wasn’t too sure how much of a pain it is…My old plain vanilla camera, I don’t particularly worry about changing batteries. But yeah, you are right…Hmm…maybe I will have to increase my budget then. Sigh!

    • Two things:

      1. Higher resolution is a replacement for higher zoom. If you can’t zoom in as much as you need, you’ll have to crop the resulting picture. It helps to have a higher resolution picture then. 2x zoom == 4x megapixel (2 horizontal x 2 vertical).

      2. Cameras with built-in rechargeable batteries are a pain when the battery dies in the middle of a shoot. You’ll have to wait several hours for it to recharge, and if you’re in the middle of a trek, there ends your shooting. If you’re getting a camera with an internal rechargeable battery, get at least one extra battery for emergency use.

      PS: One Lithium CRV3 battery (equivalent to two AAs) costs Rs. 500 and lasts for about 400 photos with liberal use of flash. It works out to much cheaper than Alkaline, and is better than NiMH when on a trek.

  2. Try the Sony Cybershot P-10. Same cofiguration as you mentioned – thats the one I own…
    I think now it’ll work out much cheaper though I paid a bomb for it when I bought it.

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